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FAQs for International Students

Are you wondering what is going on with your studies or worry about the future?

"We share your concern and support you as a university community", said Vice-Rector for academic and international affairs Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yongjian Ding in a video message.

Notice that new information will always be written in italics, as of June 19 2020

Do I have to re-register for the summer semester if my final colloquium (last exam) cannot take place as planned due to the current corona situation and has to be postponed to the next semester?

It is not absolutely necessary to re-register. You can also take the last outstanding examination if you do not re-register for the summer semester.

Please decide for yourself whether you want to re-register fort he summer semester. If you still wish to retain your student status, you can currently re-register by paying the semester fee. Please transfer the semester fee to the bank address of the University. Since you are not responsible for the delay in graduation, you do not have to pay the late fee of 10 euros or any long-term study fees for the summer semester. Please make sure to inform the Admissions Office about your situation in a short e-mail to international@h2.de.

How quickly will I receive my final certificate if I have successfully completed my last examination (final colloquium or similar) online and thus completed my studies?

The certificate documents will be prepared, signed and sent to you by post as soon as possible. However, due to current restrictions, delays are to be expected. It is therefore advisable to contact the institutions requesting the documents (other universities, employers, etc.) to inquire about a deadline for the submission of the documents. The Examinations Office will try to enter your grades into the system quickly, so you have the possibility to print out a grade overview with the final grade via the online student service.

How can I submit the application for exmatriculation in the current situation?

Please fill out the application of exmatriculation (routing slip) and send the signed and scanned document to studierendenservice@h2.de. Since you cannot currently obtain the signatures in person, the staff at the Admissions Office will take care of obtaining the necessary information. The application of exmatriculation will then be sent by post.

Who can help me with technical questions or problems with online teaching?

For general technical questions about online teaching there is the new Moodle forum for students. There students can find answers to frequently asked questions, exchange information and ask their individual questions directly to the relevant staff.

For special technical questions the IT-organizers in the departments will help you:

Campus Magdeburg
Department of Engineering and Industrial DesignUwe Berner (uwe.berner@h2.de)
Ronald Brauner (roland.brauner@h2.de)
Thomas Naumann (thomas.naumann@h2.de)
Jörg Schröder (joerg.schroeder@h2.de)
Department of Social Work, Health and MediaHeike Beckmann (technik@sgm.h2.de)
Sören Lübbe (technik@sgm.h2.de)
Maik Zwernemann (technik@sgm.h2.de)
Department of Water, Environment, Construction and SafetyFelix Elze (felix.elze@h2.de)
Andreas Großmann (andreas.groszmann@h2.de)
Ralf Wysujack (ralf.wysujack@h2.de)
Campus Stendal

Department of Applied Human Sciences and Department Economics

Kerstin Seela (kerstin.seela@h2.de)
Ines Trumpf (ines.trumpf@h2.de)
Henrik Mattis (henrik.mattis@h2.de)

How can I submit applications for study organization (leave of absence, part-time, KomPass etc.)?

Please send us the completed applications including the necessary documents by e-mail or by post. Currently, applications cannot be accepted in person.

How can I submit term papers or theses? Are deadlines extended due to Corona?

Please submit the papers by e-mail in due time. Deadlines are not extended automatically; in the event of delays due to Corona, please contact the thesis supervisors or, if necessary, the relevant examination board in good time. A reasonable extension of time will be granted.

Can my final thesis be registered at the examination office?

Yes, it can be registered by e-mail at studierendenservice@h2.de.

When do follow-up and repeat examinations take place?

Please get in touch with the teachers concerned.

Due to Corona, I cannot complete or start my recent/planned semester abroad (internship, study semester). What do I do now?

Please contact the practice representative or the practice officer of your study programme. The examination boards of the departments work on individual solutions for this problem.

For erasmus internships contact: angela.wittkamp@ovgu.de

For erasmus study semester contact: erasmus@h2.de

For PROMOS scholarships contact: julia.krumm@h2.de

The Federal Foreign Office offers return services for stranded Germans. Further information can be found here:

Return home programme Federal Foreign Office (only in German)

FAQ Return home programme Federal Foreign Office (only in German)

Coronavirus and entry restrictions: 4 things travelers to Germany need to know

Is the library still open? What about online literature or borrowed items?

Extended opening hours of the libraries from 25 May

Campus Magdeburg:
Monday to Friday from 9 to 19 o´clock
Due to the distance regulations, a total of 50 individual workstations are available in the library. Group work is currently not possible.

Campus Stendal:
Tuesday to Thursday from 9 to 12 and from 13 to 16
Friday from 9 to 12
Here are 6 workstations available, as well as 4 PCs for literature research.
Users are requested to register one day in advance by e-mail to bibliothek-stendal@h2.de.

Online services extended
The range of online literature will be increased. There are two different options for you to receive the literature you need:

  1. Establish literature delivery services
    The staff will scan journal articles or book sections for you (in accordance with copyright law) and send the file to your university e-mail address
  2. Use numerous electronic books and journals via https://vpn.h2.de
    Therefor you will need to get registered with your university account data.

For the time being, you can continue to renew the books, DVDs etc. you have borrowed (see below), please send them back to us by post. Make sure to insure the package! So it’s not on your own risk. E-Mail address of the library: bibliothek@h2.de

Login to your user account for library Magdeburg

Login your user account for library Stendal

Due to the current situation, I have fallen into an economic emergency. What can I do?

First Steps in financial emergencies

Chat counseling Studentenwerk Magdeburg

KfW Student Loan

Aid for students in financial emergency situations

The Federal Ministryof Education and Research (BMBF) is helping students who are demonstrably in a financial or economic emergency situation owing to the corona pandemic with allowances totalling 100 million euros. They are paid out via the student service organisations – the Studierenden- or Studentenwerk (STW).

For further informationen please contact the social counseling of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg.

How do I behave as a student assistant working for the university?

Please do not enter the campus. Get on touch with your supervisor and try to perform your services online in your home office. If this is not possible, you will have to postpone your work hours into the future or they will be cancelled. In this case, unfortunately no billing is possible. This must be noted on the time sheets.

Will sport courses and events of the university take place?

Courses of the sports and health centre are affected. Alternative dates will be announced in good time.

Please note that there will be no public events of the university until July 17. This is a precautionary measure. It affects, among other things, the company contact fair (Firmenkontaktmesse), the campus party (Campusfest) and the central alumni meeting. The Campus Days will be organised as online event. So if you would like to become a full degree student of our university you will get the chance to expierence a virtual campus week on social web (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) in the week from 8 to 12 June 2020. Find selected, interactively prepared contributions such as (live) videos, podcasts, texts and picture galleries on our social media channels. These are intended to provide information about the various courses of study and areas of interest, but also about inter-univeristy offers for living, housing and financing.

We are currently working on further events online or offer alternative dates for implementation.

Are excursion taking place? What to do if I signed up for one already?

Excursions are not permitted until further notice. Excursions that have already been approved but have not yet started may not be carried out. Excursions that have already started at this time can be completed as requested. Excursions that have not been completed are to be settled regularly. Costs already incurred will be reimbursed.


International Office

E-Mail: international@h2.de

complete staff

PsychoSocial student counselling

Due to the current challenges, motivation lows, feelings of being stressed out, difficulties in relationships, exam or future fears, problems with drugs, experiences with violence or other topics can be a topic for students and employees.

Contact PsychoSocial Student Counseling in the chat, by e-mail: psb@studentenwerk-magdeburg.de orby phone: +49 (0) 391 / 67 -51 553.

General hygiene measures

The RKI recommends the following general hygiene measures:

  • 1-2 meters distance to coughing or sneezing persons
  • Maintain hand hygiene (wash hands thoroughly with soap and water)
  • Comply with coughing label (e.g. coughing, sneezing into the crook of the arm)

It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated through our website: www.h2.de/coronavirus

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