Internationalisation at Home

"Internationalisation at Home" includes taking internationalism and interculturality into account when designing curricula, teaching and learning processes, and extracurricular programmes. The university plans to continue developing its activities in this area as part of its Internationalisation Strategy 2016-2020.

One major objective is to enable all students, even whilst they are still in Magdeburg, to access the important international and intercultural knowledge and skills that they will need as citizens and in the labour market. Furthermore, the university wishes to actively support the process of integration for students, lecturers and researchers from other cultures in the life and activities of the university.

Since 2011 "Internationalisation at Home" has been part of the "Quality Pact Teaching" project,  Quality2 at the university as a work and research topic

Internationalisation Projects

Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences supports intercultural exchanges between its students through various projects and campaigns. These enable students from every department to make contact with one another, find out more about the foreign placements - be they study or work placements - undertaken by other students, and familiarise themselves with other cultures.

Internationalisation Projects

International Affairs Committee (IAC)

The International Affairs Committee (IAC) meets once a month to discuss internationalisation topics at the university and to make recommendations to the university management, departments and senate.

current IAC information


Contact ZHH

Coordinator for Internationalisation
Katja Eisenächer

Tel.: (0391) 886 43 26

Visitor's address: Building 4, Room 2.10

Coordinator for Internationalisation

Sandra Goltz-Dangler

Phone: (0391) 886 41 72
Fax: (0391) 886 42 53

Visitors' address: Building 4, Room 2.20


  • Futher development of the Internationalisation strategy
  • Implementation of the Internationalisation strategy 2016-2020
  • Internationalisation project "Ferndurst & Wissensweh"
  • Internationalisation project "Buddyprogramm"



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